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Who we are:

Women Leadership in Business Foundation has been created by women who achieved professional success and today bring diverse business experiences for the sake of the common idea: promotion of entrepreneurship, talent development and supporting women’s aspirations and professional independence. 


Our goals:

Our goals include: 

  • Building partnership in top positions in business

  • Promoting professional independence of women

  • Raising self-awareness and developing women talents  

  • Promoting women entrepreneurship 

  • Supporting women aspiring to hold top executive positions

  • Fostering women’s courage and independence as well as development of professional skills

  • Creating a platform for opinion sharing as well as formulating and promoting common ideas.

With our program we want to actively participate in the development of best practices, regulations and business culture to promote partnership in business in Poland.

What we do:

We believe that actions speak louder than words; therefore, as a group of active and experienced women from diverse industries and organizations, through our actions we wish to increase the proportion of women holding senior executive positions as well as to promote their entrepreneurship. We strive to ensure that our Foundation is a platform for sharing opinions and experience, where all ambitious women can find guidance, support and inspiration to continuously self-develop and improve their professional skills.

At the same time, we believe that only collaboration of men and women in terms of building partnership in business can contribute to positive changes; therefore, we will also invite men to join us in our work.