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Women Leadership in Business Foundation Program 

“Women on Boards”

“Women on Boards” addresses women aspiring to perform top executive roles and will include activities such as:

-  Raising social awareness of benefits arising for both business and women from women’s participation in management

-  Inspiring women to take up leadership challenges while keeping work-life balance at the same time

-  Helping women in preparing to become leaders.

Within this program the Foundation will organize conferences, carry out research, prepare publications and workshops with the participation of women who have already made their way “to the Board”. 


“Woman - Manager”

“Woman - Manager” addresses women who manage their own business or want to consciously build and develop their career path in a corporation and will include the following:

-  Trainings in finance and management including preparation of business plans and financing methods

-  Workshops on how to keep work-life balance

-  Coaching to support the development of leadership skills .


“Young Talents” 

“Young Talents” will support professional careers of the young generation of women in Poland. This program is dedicated to women aged 20 +, whom we wish to encourage to consciously plan their career path in business. The program will focus on e-mentoring in the following areas: 

- Choice of professional career path

- Conscious career building

- Tools and techniques helping to keep work-life balance.