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Women: the next emerging market. Supporting women to fulfill their potential.

A report prepared by EY points out the challenges that women holding top executive positions in corporations must face nowadays.

Corporations are becoming increasingly aware of the fact that the implementation of the diversity management policy requires a fundamental change both at the organizational and individual level. Successful use of diversity, including talent, involves a change of organizational culture and, most importantly, a change of the attitudes and behavior of employees - especially managers.

Incorporating diversity into the company's policy requires taking action in many areas and involves both the implementation of specific procedures and instruments as well as the integration of the concepts of equality and diversity into the core values of the company.

The report includes practical tips on managing diversity at EY. 

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Could the right man for the job be a woman?

While the number of women holding top positions in organizations is still significantly lower than the number of men, this proportion has been gradually changing. This change gives rise to questions about whether there is any set of characteristics for women leaders and what kind of business attitudes women leaders take.

The study by Hudson was conducted on a sample of 65 thousand men and women.

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The women at the top. The view from Poland.

Polish top managers speak on how to get to the top and the barriers that one must overcome.

Women are in charge of just 3% of large and medium-sized organizations in Poland, so it is important to build awareness and educate next generations of women managers who will raise that ratio in the future. The number of women holding medium level positions is quite high, but the rate drops dramatically the more we move up into the career ladder. Women in Poland get to the top with difficulty.

Spencer Stuart conducted in-depth individual interviews with over 20 CEOs of Polish enterprises, both women and men, asking why such a small number of women hold positions in management and supervisory boards. The report shows the challenges faced by women wishing to hold leading positions in organizations and discusses issues such as parity, networking, self-awareness, self-promotion and work-life balance.

Download report (420 KB)

A. Maciejewski, R.T. Nowakowski, D. Serwińska, "Women on the Top. The View from Poland”, 2012 Spencer Stuart. 

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